Adult Training Requirements

1. Youth Protection Training (YPT) is required for merit badge counselors and any parent attending a troop camping trip. This training must be renewed every two years. See instructions for taking YPT online.

2. All registered leaders (including Summer Camp chaperones) must also take Youth Protection Training and This is Scouting.

3. Troop Committee Members must also take Troop Committee Challenge.

4. Assistant Scoutmasters must also take Scoutmaster Specific Training and Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills.

All training courses except for the Assistant Scoutmaster ones may be taken at the On Line Training Center. After completing a course, print your certificate and give a copy to the Adult Training Coordinator (Jon Rea) for the troop records.

Assistant Scoutmaster training is offered in April and October by Washington Crossing Council. You may also take them from a neighboring council such as Cradle of Liberty.

Supplemental Training

Many other on line training courses are available and are recommended for Assistant Scoutmasters and other adults attending camping trips including:

  • Safe Swim Defense
  • Safety Afloat
  • Weather Hazards
  • Trek Safely
  • Climb On Safely



Trained Assistant Scoutmasters 

Ken HoganPatrol Mentor / Trail to First
Dana HutchinsSTEM Advisor / OA
David IannaconeSummer
Mickey InglesQuartermasters / Eagle Advisor / Summer
Ted KlitusFirst Aid
Bob KrajciPatrol Mentor / Merit Badge Counselor
Bill NathMerit Badge
Ed OleynickTroop Instruction / Trail to First Class
Larry PatrickCamping
David RishelDen Chief Mentor
Joe SheridanCommunity Service Coordinator(267)
Paul ValerioSummer Camp
Hongze WangPhysical Fitness and Swimming

Troop Committee 

Bob CarringtonPath to Eagle Advisor215-321-0767
Lydia GoldbergAOL Recruitment Coordinator
Andrew Kubitsky(215)
Frank O'Connell
Peggy PelosiAdvancement Chair / Cmte Secretary /
Jim ReaFriends of Scouting
Jon ReaTraining / YPT

Other Leaders 

Cindy AbellRecords
Stacy BetzLibrarian / Historian
Becky BewtraEagle Court of Honor
Brian BozarthPath to Eagle
Pat CusickMedical Forms
Ed MarcusUnit Commissioner
Dave OutcaltClass B shirts & car magnet
Jennifer PanaiaAOL Recruitment
Pastor Cyndi SkripakYUMC

Lower Makefield Citizens for Scouting 

Mark SchaubChartered Organization Rep/Past
Chris EscherPast Committee Chair
Dennis HoughPast Scoutmaster
Bob McMaster
Mitch MohlPast Scoutmaster
Jim ReaFriends of Scouting Coordinator215-264-2269
Lance Wilsonformer Troop Committee Chair

Eagle Scout


How Can I Help?

We are a boy-led troop, but nonetheless, we need a lot of parent involvement to run successfully. Because of the rotating nature of any youth group, we need to continuously bring new parents into leadership positions. Some of the jobs which are needed:

  • Merit Badge Counselors work with scouts individually or in small groups to help them complete the requirements for various merit badges. Here is a list of Merit Badges with No Counselor.
  • Assistant Scoutmasters assist the Scoutmaster in various aspects of running the troop program. This might involve leading camping trips, providing training/coaching for Patrol Leaders, performing Scoutmaster conferences, etc.
  • Committee Members are responsible for the administrative aspects of the troop such as finances, fundraising, documenting advancement, communications, etc. Committee members also conduct Boards of Review for scout advancement.
  • Drivers provide transportation to camping trips as well as towing equipment trailers if possible.
  • Cooks plan, shop, and lead cooking for the "dad's patrol" on a couple of camping trips a year.

Please contact Chris Janzen if you are interested in helping in any of these areas.