Delaware River Canoe Trip

The annual canoe trip was a great time. We had some rain at night and a little during the day but the weather was otherwise outstanding. The river had a very decent 3-4 feet of flow. Mickey Ingles brought a solar powered filtration system that provided a constant supply of fresh water, movie night stepped up a notch with a full screen courtesy of Mr. Iannacone, and Michael Moyer re-freshed the menu and cooked up extraordinary meals. Of course, the train visited each night about 11:00 pm. As usual, there were multiple attempts, some successful, by the boys to swamp the dads. But the dads held our own and, in an outcome that mirrored the one-sided WWII Battle of Midway, lined the river and exacted Final Revenge with lots of scout flotsam clogging the river afterward. By the way, thanks, Robert, for the hat.