Lehigh Gorge

We went camping at Hickory Run State Park Aug 22-24.

When we got there Friday night, it started to rain. The next morning was tough to cook in the rain. When the rain stopped, we went to the boulder field. We walked across the field and hung out there for a bit before going back to the site. When we got back it resumed raining so the bike trip was postponed even later. We all had a big lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs.

On the bike trip almost all of us to get extremely muddy. Sadly, Matt Celentano got hurt when he fell off his bike and couldn’t stay for much longer. After the bike trip we made dinner and the newbee patrol won the cooking contest.

On Sunday we packed up camp and went whitewater rafting. That was a super fun time. We enjoyed a lot of flooding each other’s rafts, and at one point other peoples rafts. We stopped halfway through to have lunch and resumed the fun trip. When we finished we boarded the buses back to the parking area and went home.

Despite the slow start on Saturday, the trip was excellent.

By Ben Pirog