Ockanickon Summer Camp

This year troop 10 went to camp Ockanicon. We stayed at an awesome camp site called Ajapeau. It had a lot of Adirondacks and tents. It was right next to the parking lot and a lake that you could boat in or fish in. A lot of us fished for a while every day. Sadly, the campsite is far away from the trading post and most merit badges. On Wednesday, there was supposed to be a big storm, so we all went to the mess hall to wait it out, but it didn’t hit hard. The good thing about the false alarm was people got wifi the whole time and could charge there devices. On Thursday night, they had a volleyball tournament. All three of our teams got eliminated by the second round. After that, we all got pizza and had a campfire during which we did skits and jokes. At the end we had a little surprise for Evan Molnar, who left for Colorado two days after camp ended. On Friday we went to the big camp wide campfire and did our skit ”Bad Beans”. Dad jokes were told all week too. All in all it was a great time at summer camp at Ockanikon.

--Ben Pirog