Pine Barrens

Over forty scouts and twenty dads visited on the annual Pine Barrens trip on May 8 -10. The highlight of the trip was the canoeing and/or kayaking that took place on Saturday, May 9. Many of the scouts and dads traveled over 10 miles by canoeing or kayaking, spanning over four hours total on the Mullica River, more commonly known as the Wading River. What caught most people’s attention was the amount of sand at the campsite. The campsite very closely represents the beach, excluding the ocean part of it.

Another notable highlight of the trip was when all of the scouts played Operation: Firestorm, a game which is similar to the game Capture the Flag, with a few alterations. The winner of this game received pie for dessert, which in this case was the yellow team.

Overall this trip was thoroughly enjoyable, for it included a relaxing trip on the Wading River, and a beach-like environment. I would highly recommend his trip next year for anyone who has not gone on this trip yet, for it definitely delivers lasting memories.