Pine Barrens

From the dates of November 11th to 13th, our boy scout troop camped at the ever so popular Pine Barrens. The temperature was chilly in the morning and night but was pretty nice in the peak of activity. We reached the campsite on Friday, set up tents and fells asleep, some falling asleep early while other fell asleep later on. We woke up on Saturday ready for action, while first having some breakfast. Some scouts decided to engage in a game of football, with the final score unknown. Some time later, we visited the historic Batsto Village in which we walked around the property to witness some of the historical buildings that were still standing in the property. It was a fun historical aspect towards the trip. We ended the day with a Dutch oven cooking competition in which the winning patrol made potatoes and hamburgers. We had a bonfire in which skits and jokes were presented by the scouts and overall it was a great time, except for the cold. We fell asleep late on Saturday, and woke up on Sunday ready to go home. Overall this was a very laid back trip that had a lot of highlights in it, except the cold.