Yardley Recycling Day

On April 25, 2015, Troop 10 participated in an electronic recycling program to recycle old and unused electronic items. About 25 scouts and 10 dads helped unload hundreds of cars and trucks full of used electronics, from televisions and gaming consoles to laptops and printers. A combined total of almost 85 hours of community service was achieved during the event!

Electronic recycling is important because it helps reduce the amount of hazardous chemicals that get dumped out into the ocean and that pollute the air. In common household devices such as phones and printers, chemicals such as chromium, cadmium, barium, beryllium, and flame-resistance materials that can cause serious damage to the environment. Also, these devices contain valuable metals and components that can be used again in other manufacturing processes.

In four hours, we collected at least 300 printers, 200 laptops, 200 TVís and computers, and at least 100 tablets. Imagine how many electronics we could collect over the course of just one day! This is why Troop 10 wanted to help in the collection and recycling of electronic items, and everyone had a great time doing it. Who knew recycling could be this fun?!?